Picture of Lixing Gu.Lixing Gu
Research Associate
Buildings Research

(321) 638-1411


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL 1991

Research Focus:

Areas of Interest:
Cryogenic engineering application, heat and mass transfer, computational fluid dynamics, software development for building energy analysis and graphical user interface, HVAC system component modeling, and indoor contaminant simulations. The currently focused areas consist of model development to simulate thermal performance of liquid hydrogen storage tanks at Kennedy Space Center and module development for EnergyPlus, a new generation building simulation software.

Summary of Research:
Hydrogen research includes evaluation of liquid hydrogen storage and insulation systems, and development of a detailed 3-D model to understand thermal performance of liquid hydrogen storage tanks with and without a void sponsored by NASA. Building research consists of simulating heat and moisture transfer in building envelope, modeling air distribution system and HVAC system components, and developing modules for EnergyPlus. He also involved revision of some aspects of the Florida residential energy code, provided technical support of new building technology for the State agencies, and made contribution to the development of the energy code compliance software for commercial buildings (envelope, lighting and HVAC system compliance). Dr. Gu, as a principal investigator, successfully completed the ASHRAE research projects, 852-RP, entitled "Comparison of Duct System Computer Models that Could Provide Input to the Thermal Distribution Standard Method of Test (SPC-152P)", and 1165-RP, entitled "System Interactions in Forced-Air Heating and Cooling Systems."