Working With Us

The FSEC Energy Research Center performs contracted research and training in partnership with government, industry, nonprofit organizations, private sponsors and national laboratories. The Center’s 80-member staff includes professionals with expertise in engineering, energy research, building science, energy and policy analysis, and education and training.

The FSEC Energy Research Center performs contracted research and training, totaling $6 to $12 million annually, in addition to receiving $3 million in operating funds.


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The FSEC Energy Research Center’s program areas include:
Buildings, Energy Systems, Solar Technologies, Solar Testing and Certification, and Energy Education: Continuing Education and K-12 Education.

A 5-page document, shown to the right, highlights FSEC’s research and education areas.

Buildings Research

John Sherwin inspects a sensor in the attic of the Flexible Residential Test Structures, photo.

Buildings Research at the FSEC Energy Research Center covers virtually every aspect of building science, led by more than 20 scientists and engineers. Our Buildings Research has strong capabilities in diagnostic field testing, development of user-friendly building energy analysis software, and short- and long-term performance data monitoring and equipment testing in controlled laboratory facilities. Learn more in Buildings Research Capabilities and Data Monitoring Capabilities.

Energy Systems

Donard Metzger inspects power connections at a test PV installation.

From electric vehicles and electric grid integration to long-term reliability and durability testing to thin-film photovoltaic production techniques, the FSEC Energy Research Center conducts a wide range of research. The FSEC Energy Research Center is also a leader in solar research in the hot and humid climate. Learn more in Energy Systems Capabilities, Transportation CapabilitiesHydrogen and Fuel Cell Capabilities.

Solar Technologies

Three different types of photovoltaic modules on test rack with blue metal commercial building in background, photo.

As a leader in solar research in the hot and humid climate, the FSEC Energy Research Center provides small-scale residential and large-scale commercial photovoltaic reliability and durability testing, inverter testing, and thin-film photovoltaic production techniques. In addition, the Laws of Florida (§377.705, FS) require that all solar systems manufactured or sold in the state of Florida comply with Solar Equipment Standards promulgated by the Florida Solar Energy Center® (FSEC®). These standards cover both solar thermal equipment and solar electric equipment. The FSEC Energy Research Center—originally established as the Florida Solar Energy Center® (FSEC®)—works closely with industry, the research and development community, and other interested stakeholders to ensure that its Standards encourage the effective use of renewable energy resources and protect the consumers of the state of Florida. Learn more in Photovoltaic Capabilities and Solar Certification.

Energy Education

Instructor Tei Kucharski teaches an Introduction to Building Efficiency Performance, photo

Whether you are a business professional looking for Continuing Education courses or a elementary student working on a science fair project, the FSEC Energy Research Center offers energy education opportunities for you. Learn more in Continuing Education and K-12 Education.