Solar Certification

Technician standing in front of monitor to anyalze electrical output of photovoltaic module being tested for solar certification on flash simulator to his left.The Laws of Florida (§377.705, FS) require that all solar systems manufactured or sold in the state of Florida comply with Solar Equipment Standards promulgated by the Florida Solar Energy Center® (FSEC®). These solar certification and testing standards cover both solar thermal equipment and solar electric equipment. The Florida Solar Energy Center® works closely with industry, the research and development community, and other interested stakeholders to ensure that its Standards encourage the effective use of renewable energy resources and protect the consumers of the state of Florida.

Photovoltaic System Certification

Photovoltaic (PV) system certification covers any type of PV system that is either interconnected with the utility grid or is a stand-alone system. The system is examined for compliance to minimum standards and industry-recognized best practices. The system evaluation is based on the complete design and documentation packages that accompany the application for design review.


Photovoltaic Module Registration

Photovoltaic equipment is rated for performance, examined for compliance to minimum standards, and approved to bear a label of certification from FSEC. Note:  Modules must be registered for use in FSEC PV-certified systems.

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Photovoltaic Module Testing

Manufacturers can have PV modules tested to IEC Standard 61215 or IEC 61646 to determine performance characteristics.

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Solar Thermal (Domestic Hot Water and Pool Heating)

The FSEC Standards for solar thermal collectors and solar thermal systems accept certifications from the Solar Rating & Certification Corporation™ (SRCC) or the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). A streamlined certification program removes barriers between the FSEC certification process and the SRCC and IAPMO certification processes.

Although the Florida Solar Energy Center is no longer conducting standardized testing of solar thermal collectors and systems, existing FSEC certifications will be valid and maintained. While FSEC maintains its existing certifications, solar thermal venders are encouraged to apply for new certifications through SRCC or IAPMO as national certifications.

Key Items

Verification of the authenticity of solar thermal collector or system certification can be determined at the following links:


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