Data Monitoring Capabilities

close-up of inside of a datalogger

The ability to obtain data from remote field sites is instrumental in the research, development, evaluation, and performance assessment of a buildings, solar and transportation technologies.


UCF researchers have extensive experience in in collecting, verifying, archiving, managing, analyzing, and reporting field monitoring data. This includes knowledge of experiment design, appropriate low-cost monitoring equipment, as well as knowledge and experience on proper instrumentation protocols to ensure optimum data quality.

Researchers conduct large-scale energy experiments using both custom-built and commercially available data acquisition systems, and they have developed a comprehensive set of software and systems capabilities to conduct fully-automated field monitoring projects.

Data Collection and Reporting

Graph of data used for smart ventilation, showing flow estimate, flow actual, outdoor temperature, OA supply temperature, outdoor dew point, outdoor air supply dew point

Data is automatically collected from any data acquisition equipment by the central processing and archival system in near real-time or a predefined interval or event-driven basis, depending on the requirements of each project. Data collection is typically performed at least daily or at lower intervals to ensure optimum data quality. Any data anomalies automatically generate notifications. Data can be plotted or downloaded in a variety of formats.

auxiliary test site weather equipment, photo

This system is available as a cloud service to both internal and external users as a secure Web API. View the Information Monitors portal at

Data Management and Quality Assurance

Data management and quality assurance are central elements of this automated system. Multiple levels of quality control are built into the highly fault-tolerant environment. High-speed network connections, a redundant power system backed by an auxiliary generator, and a redundant air conditioning system assure uninterrupted service to all clients.

Data is stored in secure electronic databases that are backed up automatically to ensure data integrity. Data is available for retrieval and analysis using a standard web browser. Authorized users may select any portion of the data and conduct a variety of predefined, automated analysis procedures or import the data into spreadsheets or other analysis software.

Computer room data servers with computer workstation next to themThe portal can easily be scaled to support any number of clients, due to the underlying server architecture and the features of the deployed operating system.

A dedicated computer staff ensures the quality and dependability of data collected simultaneously at multiple sites around the country.

For more than three decades, UCF researchers have used this system to remotely monitor and analyze hundreds of buildings in Florida, Oregon, and New York to perform research on energy efficiency, indoor air quality, building durability, thermal systems, photovoltaic systems, and transportation.

Customized Services

Dataloggers can be installed at your site by our field engineers, and they can be configured with specific transducers as a turn-key system that includes programming, wiring diagrams, and clear instructions for conducting your experiments. A fully functional experiment with documentation and software for managing your experiment can be provided.

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