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B.S. Electrical Engineering
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 1988

Research Focus:

Mr. Sherwin has twelve years experience in energy field monitoring and instrumentation. This includes selection, calibration, setup, and installation of experimental apparatus. Coincidental to these activities is the retrieval, analysis, and presentation of data and results. He also has technical experience in the installation, diagnosis and repair of HVAC and electrical systems. He has been involved in numerous projects involving both field and laboratory monitoring. These were largely detailed monitoring efforts that characterized both thermal and electrical energy performance.

Mr. Sherwin has been in charge of instrumentation and evaluation efforts for utility projects, the Building America program, DOE's Zero Energy Homes effort and most of the residential monitoring projects at Florida Solar Energy Center. Over the last two years, he has also assisted others at FSEC with evaluation of high efficiency air conditioner condenser fan designs. This laboratory work has resulted in several pending patents and development of technology that has large potential to reduce space cooling energy use in U.S. homes.