Lending Library Materials

The Education Department at FSEC has many resources available for loan to Florida teachers and civic leaders. These materials are designed to foster an understanding of solar and renewable energy technologies in a hands-on fashion. Students learn about these technologies by experimentation.

  • Classroom Science Kits – (Each kit contains enough materials for a class of 24 students.)

    Solar Matters Hands-On Kit (K – 8):
    Materials for a classroom to perform the investigations in our Solar Matters activity units. Kits include small solar panels, motors, propellers, color paddles, magnifying glasses, protractors, thermometers, UV sensitive beads, 2 videos, and various printed resources.
    Typical lending time 2 to 3 weeks.

    Understanding Solar Energy Hands-On Kit (9 – 12):
    Materials to perform the investigations in our Understanding Solar Energy high school unit. Kit includes materials for four working groups. Included for each group is a 3 volt panel, four mini panels, solar meter, multimeter, wires, protractor, thermometer, laboratory exploration sheets and various printed resources.
    Typical lending time 2 to 3 weeks.

    Solar Electricity Investigation Kit:
    Kit includes a classroom set (15 each) small photovoltaic panels, motors and propellers, 5 milliamp meters and instructions. This kit is also popular for displays at events.
    Typical lending time 1 week.

    High Energy Hydrogen Hands-On Kit (3 – 12):Materials to complement the High Energy Hydrogen activity units. Kit includes reversible PEM fuel cells (1.5 volt), photovoltaic panels, wires, motors, piezzo lighters and pipette rocket equipment, a video and various printed resources.
    Typical lending time 2 weeks.

    Solar Thermal Investigation Kit:
    Kit includes the materials needed to conduct a classroom experiment in solar thermal, including four trays and lids, thermometers, graduated cylinder and instructions.
    Typical lending time 1 week.

  • Books and Other Resources

    Junior Solar Sprint Competition Kit:
    Junior Solar Sprint kits which include the regulation panel and motor are available for $25 (include $3 per shipment if UPS or postal delivery is required).Planet Janitor Coloring Books:
    Planet Janitor, a coloring book which teaches an environmentally friendly message in English and Spanish, may be downloaded free at our website Planet Janitor. Printed copies may be purchased for $2.00 each (include $3 per shipment for postage). Planet Janitor coloring books may be reproduced for use in the classroom.Printed Copies:
    Printed copies of our various educational units are also available for those who do not wish to download and print their own copies. The price for each unit is $36 plus $3 postage per shipment.

How to obtain materials:
Materials from the lending library are only available to schools and organizations in the state of Florida. A fee to cover shipping, and a signed statement of responsibility are required at the time of shipment. The availability of kits varies. It is suggested that kits be reserved several months in advance of their intended dates of usage.

For questions, or for availability of specific resource material, please contact Penny Hall at or by phone (321) 638-1018. Please state which kit(s) you are interested in and give a range of dates for their usage.

Web Site

  • EnergyWhiz – An informational web site for students with activities and data from solar-powered schools.