Indoor Air Quality Research Study


WANTED: Southeastern U.S. homeowners are wanted to participate in an indoor air quality study conducted by the University of Central Florida’s FSEC Energy Research Center.

What is this study about?

Researcher measuring outside air flow by holding Flow Blaster over outside vent in soffit overhang.
Measuring ventilation air flow.

FSEC conducted a study funded by the US Department of Energy to learn about the indoor air quality in new homes. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) are partners in this study.

What does participation involve?

Participation involved allowing 2-3 FSEC staff members to visit the participant’s home and place temporary monitors to measure air quality indoors and outdoors, and monitor appliance operation. The visit lasted 6-8 hours, and the monitors remained for one week. A second visit of 6-8 hours will took place at the end of the week to collect monitors and conduct air flow testing. We asked participants to keep their windows closed during the week, and to log activities that may affect indoor air quality, such as house cleaning. Participants were also be asked to complete a survey to describe their home and occupancy characteristics.

Outdoor monitoring station on ground-mounted tripod.
Outdoor monitoring station.

Why should I sign up?

Collected data informed researchers as to how indoor air quality varied according to factors such as geographic location and home characteristics. Participants were eligible to receive a $300 home improvement store gift card, and a report summarizing results for their home.

Indoor air monitoring station: freestanding gray school locker with monitoring equipment inside.
Indoor air monitoring station.

Temperature logger located on corner of range cooktop.
Temperature logger on range top.

Loggers ziptied on supply air grill
Loggers on supply air grill.

Data logger taped to interior door frame.
Logger on door frame.

Does my home quality for the study?

If the participant received the following postcard, we believed their home qualified for the study.

HOMEOWNERS: Participate in an indoor air quality research study conducted by the University of Central Florida’s FSEC®, and earn $300 in home improvement store gift cards for participating! Participation involves allowing three FSEC staff members to visit your home and place temporary sensors to measure air quality and appliance operation. The visit may last up to 6 hours and the sensors will remain in place for one week. A second visit of up to 6 hours will take place at the end of the week to collect the sensors and conduct air flow testing. To sign up, call 321-638-1416 or for more information, visit FSEC Energy Research Center. University of Central Florida.

Homes that qualified for the study were single-family, detached or attached homes (townhomes), built in 2013 or later, and located in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina. Participating households must not have allowed smoking indoors.

How do I sign up?

Contact the research team at 321-638-1416 or e-mail:

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