2022, November 04

FSEC Advisory Board Meeting

November 04, 2022
9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
In Person Meeting with Remote Option via GoToMeeting


Time Description Speaker
9:30 a.m. Welcome Bill Grieco, Chair, FSEC Advisory Board;
Chief Innovation Officer Innventure
Introductions – Advisory Board Members Roll Call Sherri Shields, Director, Communications & Marketing, FSEC
9:45 a.m. Approval of April 15, 2022 Minutes Bill Grieco, Chair
9:50 a.m. Status of FSEC Programs Jim Fenton, Director, FSEC
10:30 a.m. Florida Energy Office Report, Inflation Reduction Act Kelley Smith Burk, Director, Office of Energy, FDACS
Florida Legislative Session Report Louis Rotundo, Principal, Louis Rotundo and Associates
11:00 a.m. Collaborative Opportunities for FSEC and Board Member Companies in Meeting Sustainability Goals

  1. Review Survey Results
  2. Discuss Partnership and Funding Opportunities

Develop Working Groups for Future Collaborations

Jennifer Szaro, Vice Chair, FSEC Advisory Board; President and CEO
Association of Energy Services Professionals (AESP)
11:55 a.m. New Business/Discussion
Date and Agenda for Next AB Meeting (TBD)
Bill Grieco, Chair
12:00 p.m. Adjourn to Lunch Bill Grieco, Chair

Meeting Minutes

Board Members

*Virtual Attendance

Benjamin Cross, Nusynergy Energy; Brian Donnelly, Publix Super Markets, Inc; Bill Greico, Innventure, LLC; Bruce Lindsay, Trane Technologies; Ashraf Mahmoud, Saft; Helda Rodriguez, NovaCharge, LLC; Louis Rotundo, Rotundo and Associates; Kelley Smith Burk, FDACS Office of Energy; Jennifer Szaro, AESP; David Winslow, Universal Orlando Resort; Linda Ferrone, OUC; William Bradford*, Hanson Inc.; David Click*, SunPower by esaSolar; Hector Rivera Russe*, Aireko Energy Group; Jacob Atalla*, KB Homes; Karen Kicinski*, Lifestyle Homes Builders; Paul Johnston*, Watsco; Scott McWhorter*, Joule Consulting; Tony Norrow*, Universal Orlando Resort; Tamara Waldmann*, Duke Energy Florida; C.T. HSU*, C.T. HSU Group; Roger Messenger*, VB Engineering Group;

Guests and Speakers

Edwin Yik, M2X Energy; Sunada Behara, Florida Power & Light Company

FSEC and UCF Staff and Faculty

Carlos Colon, Coleen Kettles, Dave Chasar, Chuck Withers, Erik Martin, Janet McIlvaine, Jim Fenton, Muthusamy Swami, Nigusse Bereket Phillip Fairey, Richard Raustad, Robin Vieria, Safvat Kalaghchy, Susan Schleith, Stephanie Salmon, Sherri Shields, Yifan Wang; Issa Batarseh, UCF Joint Research Faculty; Parag Banerjee, UCF Joint Research Faculty; Kelly Stevens, University of Central Florida; Chris Emrich, University of Central Florida; Winston Schoenfeld, University of Central Florida

Meeting Minutes

  1. Bill Grieco called the meeting to order at 9:30. He turned the meeting over to Sherri Shields to begin roll call. Board members and guests briefly introduced themselves.
  2. Bill Greico made a motion to approve the meeting minutes from April 15, 2022. Minutes were approved by all.
  3. Bill Grieco turned the meeting over to Dr. Jim Fenton.
    • Memory of Tommy Boroughs was discussed following his recent passing. He was a longtime FSEC Advisory Board member and served the state in Energy roles.
    • Chris Castro, former chairman, has moved to Washington D.C. to pursue a U.S. Department of Energy career with the Office of State and Community Energy Programs.
    • Two new board members were welcomed, Hector Rivera Russe, President at Aireko Energy Group, and Winston Scholenfeld, Interim Vice President of Research at University of Central Florida.
  4. Dr. Jim Fenton provided an update on [FSEC Programs]. While FSEC was founded with a focus on solar, the center has grown to encompass other areas of energy research. The FSEC Principal Energy Program areas were illustrated as Solar, High Performance Buildings, Sustainable Transportation, Storage, Energy Systems Integration, Education and training, and policy. As FSEC researchers are located in the same location, they can collaborate and integrate various research areas together.
  5. FSEC Strategic Plan (2020-2025): The goals for FSEC’s strategic plan were discussed. The 2020 baseline, 2021, and 2022 key performance measurements were shared. Items discussed included recruitment into various research faculty positions, funding, community impact, and educational programming and staff growth to support our digital outreach and engagement.
    • Vision of FSEC: Promote the rapid transition to a sustainable energy economy through renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable transportation research, demonstration, and education.
    • Mission of FSEC: Develop, research, and evaluate energy technologies that enhance the environment and economy, and transfer the results to the public, students and practitioners.
  6. Dr. Jim Fenton introduced Kelley Smith Burk who provided the Florida Energy Office Report and the Inflation Reduction Act opportunities for Florida.  FDACS is promoting the use of Floating Solar. A bill was created that requested FDACS to design a grant program and a credit program for ways to waste-to-energy facilities. Funding was not provided at the time of this meeting.
    • a.    The Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs Acts includes three programs of interest:
      1. State Energy Program – $16 million: program can be used for energy efficiency, renewable energy, and transportation. Funding is received every year.
      2. Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant
      3. Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund – $3 million:
    • b.    DOE issues a Notice of Intent for their school’s Energy Efficiency program – Some resiliency but looking at school infrastructure and transportation. Partnership between schools and other entities will be required for this competitive grant.
    • c.    National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure – NEVI – submitted and approved a state plan $198 million.
    • d.    DOE released the guidelines and application for Resiliency Funding.
    • e.    Appreciation for Chris Castro was shared in his new role. The DOE needs more personnel in their workforce to service the various bills and applications and under the new direction of Mr. Castro, they are hopeful for growth.
    • f.    Congress passed the Inflation Reduction Act. Two programs were made to flow directly to state energy offices. Programs expected to begin Summer or Fall 2023.
      •   Hopes for Homes – Energy Efficiency Improvements for low to moderate income households. $172 million – Office of Energy Task force created to decipher the needs for Florida specific guidelines.
      • Appliance Rebate Program – geared toward low to moderate income (will require income verification). Heat Pump water heaters, heat pump for space and cooling, electric stove cooktop ranges, heat pump clothes dryers, electric load service center upgrades, insulation, air ceiling ventilation, electric wiring, and insulation. $172 million.
    • g.    The upcoming election was discussed as changes to programs, operations, and personnel are likely.
    • h.    Questions asked of Kelley incorporated updates to tax breaks and funding use allowances.
  7.  Following a short break, the meeting resumed with a discussion based around how our industry members can support FSEC.
  8. Jim Fenton introduced Jennifer Szaro to discuss partnership and funding opportunities.
    • a.    AESP, Associate of Energy Services Professionals – 501c3 – Focused on creating a sustainable, resilient future with energy efficiency, demand flexibility and DERs. Community of 3,000+ businesses and community members. Focused on the intersection of psychology and technology to make these changes while using the viewpoint of the person using the technology and the customer.
    • b.    The categories of the Advisory Board Partners were reviewed. Categories will be used to assign project areas, create collaboration amongst members, and establish working groups.
      1. Categories: Energy Consumers, Builders/Energy Providers, Electric Utilities, Manufacturers, Associations/Government
      2. The following members volunteered to participate in working groups: Kelley Smith Burk, Linda Ferrone, Bill Grieco, Louis Rotundo, Bruce Lindsay, Brian Donnelly, and Jennifer Szaro.
  9. Lunch was announced for all attendees.
  10. Meeting was adjourned by Bill Grieco at 12:05 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

William Grieco
Chair, FSEC Advisory Board