Multi-port Converters

Integrating multi-sources in order to deliver power to a single load is a technical challenge. At UCF, the team is exploring the design and development of multi-port power electronics systems for both grid-tied and stand-alone applications as shown in the two figures below. Features of each application are shown as well.

Grid-Tied Applications

Illustration of a tri-port converter used in grid-tied applications


  • Better integration
  • Less components
  • Lower cost
  • Easy interface to renewable sources


  • Invention of a multi-pot topology with isolation, bidirectional capability and high efficiency
  • Modeling and control issues due to port interaction
  • Module parallel operation issues.

Stand-Alone Space Applications

[graphic and photo of multi-port converters for space applications]

In the below multi-channel, multi-port converter structure graphic, each channel is an independent sub-system with fault tolerance. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) will be applied as much as possible, and the battery charge control will be applied whenever necessary.

Multi-port converter for space applications graphic

Multi-port converter photograph of actual circuit board-type electronics