Smart Energy Solutions

Rapid deployment of photovoltaic (PV) systems means even more rapid growth of PV penetration on the grid. This brings many techno-economic problems to planning and operation of the grid, and as a result, utilities are increasingly limiting solar deployments due to its intermittency and impact on feeder voltages. Future problems of higher penetration will require all distributed generation to have utility-controllable capabilities for peak-shifting, regulation, and contingency reserve. Much progress towards “plug and play” PV has been made on the mechanical and labor aspects of PV installation. UCF researchers are working on a new distributed, scalable, and efficient PV-storage system that addresses many PV penetration concerns ahead of time, while allowing easy and cost-effective installation, maintenance, and operation.


The advantages of local storage include:

  1. Support of the grid (voltage regulation, frequency regulation and contingency reserve);
  2. Load shifting and peak shaving;
  3. Using excess converter thermal “headroom” for short-term emergency over-generation;
  4. Minimizing transmission and distribution losses;
  5. Optimizing local energy production and consumption.

Years of Research: 2010 – Present

Selected Publications