High-Performance Existing Homes

Phased Deep Retrofits

house with phased deep retrofits photohouse with phased deep retrofitshouse with phased deep retrofits photohouse with phased deep retrofits photoTogether with Florida Power and Light, buildings researchers are learning how energy efficiency in existing U.S. residences can be improved. A total of 60 Florida homes have been retrofitted to receive simple low-cost, pass-through efficiency measures, such as efficient lighting, low-flow shower heads, hot water tank and pipe insulation, and smart power strips. Ten homes received much more extensive retrofits–optimized based on simulations and monitored data–including high efficiency heat pumps, hybrid water heaters, variable speed pool pumps, enhanced ceiling insulation, and ENERGY STAR® appliances. Researchers collected detailed energy end-use data, pre- and post-retrofit.

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Case Studies

Zero Energy Retrofit, Parker Residence: Cocoa Beach, FL

Danny Parker's House with solar panels on the roofMonitoring of this deep phased retrofit, zero energy home began in November 2010. A a 4.9 kW photovoltaic system offsets energy consumption. Features include white reflective roof, solar hot water heating, replacement of single glazed units to high efficiency solar control windows, exterior insulation over CBS construction, SEER 26 HSPF 12 mini-split AC system, all tile flooring, CFL lighting, whole house fan ventilation, and gas appliances. The 2000 ft2 home is occupied by a family of four.
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Chasar Residence: Cocoa, FL

Dave Chasar's Home with a white metal roof
The Chasar home has provided measured performance since 2000 for a 1992 code-minimum home. Measurements currently include: energy use, ambient, indoor and attic temperature, relative humidity (RH), as well as water heater performance. The home had a white metal roof retrofitted in 2005. Monitoring of the solar water heating system installed in 1999 began in 2010.
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