HVAC Quality Installation Study

Gauges connected to outside AC unit to test refrigerant pressuresWhat is this study about?

The FSEC Energy Research Center and Proctor Engineering Group are conducting a study funded by the US Department of Energy to investigate how consistently heating and cooling systems are designed and installed using industry standard practices. When installed improperly, heating and cooling systems can use more energy than they need to in order to keep your house comfortable.

What does participation involve?

Participation involves allowing 2-3 Proctor Engineering Group staff members to visit your home and use industry standard procedures to test your central air conditioner or heat pump and duct system to see if it was installed according to industry standard practices, and to collect data about your house characteristics.

Does my home qualify for the study?

If you received a letter from your utility company, we believe your home qualifies for the study. Homes that qualify for the study are single family detached or attached homes (townhomes), located in Florida, California, Nevada, or Arizona who have had a central air conditioner or heat pump installed in the last 12 months. This includes those installed as part of a newly-built house. Eric Martin measures duct performance.

Why should I sign up for the study?

The study aims to increase HVAC industry understanding of how to best select and install air conditioners and heat pumps according to industry standard specifications, and result in lower utility bills for homeowners.
Participants will receive $200 Visa gift card.

How do I sign up?

If you would like to learn more about this study, please contact the Lead Researcher at 321-638-1450 or martin@fsec.ucf.edu. If you choose to participate and would like to schedule a visit from Proctor Engineering, please call 844-451-2498 (toll free) or email BuildingAmerica@proctoreng.com.  

Research Team

Eric Martin Eric Martin, Principal Investigator FSEC ERC Portrait of Chuck Withers Chuck Withers, Research Associate FSEC ERC Tom Downey Tom Downey, Proctor Engineering Field Team Lead Edgar Hoyos, Proctor Engineering Group, California Paul Mohoff, Proctor Engineering Group, California
Portrait of Alex Pena, Proctor Engineering, CA Alex Pena, Proctor Engineering Group, California Portrait of Rafael Pineda, Proctor Engineering, CA Rafael Pineda, Proctor Engineering Group, California Portrait of Mike Sims, Proctor Engineering, CA Mike Sims, Proctor Engineering Group, California Portrait of Francisco Badilla, Proctor Engineering, AZ Francisco Badilla, Proctor Engineering Group, Arizona Portrait of Tony Velasquez, Proctor Engineering, AZ Tony Velasquez, Proctor Engineering Group, Arizona