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This database includes faculty and staff who are engaged in energy-related research at UCF.

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Multidisciplinary Energy Research Clusters

The UCF Faculty Cluster Initiative has been designed to leverage UCF’s existing strengths and foster the development of strong, interdisciplinary diverse teams focused on solving today’s most challenging scientific and societal problems.

Energy Conversion and Propulsion Cluster


The production of electricity from intermittent renewable sources, such as solar, is cost-competitive with fossil-fuel-generated electricity, and alternatively powered transportation (e.g., biomass-derived fuels, electricity and hydrogen) are rapidly gaining acceptance. Materials research for catalytic production and storage of energy is essential for increased market penetration of renewable energy sources. This cluster is designed to transform UCF into a nationally and internationally recognized leader in energy-related research, specifically in the discovery and application of materials for catalysis. Learn More.


Renewable Energy Systems


As a university-wide, multi-disciplinary team of faculty and students, the Resilient, Intelligent and Sustainable Energy Systems (RISES) cluster commits itself to transformative and collaborative research in resilient, intelligent and sustainable energy systems. Through partnerships among university, utility and government stakeholders, the aim is to facilitate deployment and integration of renewable energy resources, as well as provide innovative solutions that make electricity grids self-organizing, efficient and resilient. Learn More.


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