Rebuilding & Resiliency Retrofit Resources

Hurricane Ian causes extreme roof damage to residential home.

Rebuilding after a hurricane, storm or natural disaster can be a daunting task, and the last thing someone may want to think about is energy efficiency, yet rebuilding provides an opportunity to retrofit your building to be more resilient and energy efficient.

FSEC conducted extensive work in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina with affordable housing providers. Although Katrina was nearly two decades ago, the rebuilding lessons and strategies are as applicable today as they were in 2005 and the following years.


Gulf Coast High Performance Affordable Housing Demonstration Project


Listed below are additional links to resources for rebuilding and resiliency retrofits.


Building America Solutions Center


Hurricane Retrofit Guide
Florida Division of Emergency Management, Bureau of Mitigation
This website focuses on construction details.


Wind Retrofit Guide for Residential Building
p. 26 CHAPTER 4: Technical Design and Construction Methods focuses on construction details for wind resistance and reducing water intrusion
p. APPENDIX D: References, Resources, and Links


Hurricane Damage Potential


An official website of the U.S. Government


Official FEMA Websites for Hurricanes

Hurricane Ian:

Hurricane Nicole:


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