Portrait of Jennifer Schaffer, FPL Clean Energy SolutionsJennifer Schaffer
Director, Clean Energy Solutions
Florida Power & Light Company

Jennifer Schaffer is the Director of  Clean Energy Solutions at Florida Power & Light Company. In this newly-created role, Ms. Schaffer’s efforts will be focused on understanding customers’ sustainability goals and offering a portfolio of clean energy solutions that leverage the existing FPL suite of renewable energy, electrification and energy efficiency programs. As part of this new role, Ms. Schaffer will also be responsible for the development of new program offerings based on emerging industry trends, technologies and policies that will help continue the advancement clean energy throughout Florida.

Ms. Schaffer has been with FPL for 13 years, spending the last seven years in FPL Development, where she was responsible for defining, developing and deploying new and innovative renewable energy programs that meet the needs of customers while enabling the continued growth of renewable generation in Florida.  Ms. Schaffer has successfully led the development and launch of the FPL SolarNow™ program with more than 50,000 customers enrolled and most recently has led the development and launch of FPL SolarTogether, the largest community solar program in the country.