Edward Regan photoEdward J. Regan, P.E.
Strategic Utility Management LLC

Ed Regan is a registered professional engineer with over 36 years of extensive experience in utility engineering, planning, finance, and executive management experience. Electric generation resources he has worked with include natural gas, coal, nuclear, biomass, combined heat and power, and solar. New and profitable utility services he has had a responsible role for establishing include combined heat and power, chilled water distribution, and fiber optic based telecommunications services.

He has visited many fossil and renewable generating stations in Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy and Japan and is familiar with the wide range of electrical generation technologies and storage systems currently deployed throughout the USA and Europe.

Past president of the Florida Municipal Electric Association, Ed has also served on the Solar Electric Power Association’s board of directors and on the Settlement and Operating Committee of The Energy AuthorityTM, a municipally owned power marketing company managing in excess of 25,000 megawatts of generating capacity throughout the USA.

During the last year Mr. Regan has been working under contract for the United States Navy on energy security and commodity acquisition for shore facilities worldwide, with an emphasis on distributed resources and microgrids.