Portrait of Mr LentzJames L. Lentz
Chairman and Founder
Harmony Development Company

Since 1998, Mr. Lentz has provided the direction to move this large scale mixed-use environmentally   friendly development project forward from a vision to reality.

The project is planned around the land’s sensitive environment and showcases the inter-relationships among people, the environment and all living things.  The unique community and its design was cofounded my wife, Martha Eastman Lentz.

Prior to the Harmony project, Mr. Lentz engaged in bond finance and marketing since 1966, and successfully formulated and advised various types of municipal and public financing projects exceeding $20 billion.  A pioneer in the field of refunding and was responsible for many of the techniques that became an integral part of the municipal financing process.

Mr. Lentz has lectured the MBA program and the Alumni Finance Club at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and served as a mentor for the MBA program at Rollins College.

Mr. Lentz  has served as a board member for a number of non-profit organizations throughout the Central Florida area.