William Grieco photoWillliam J. Grieco, Ph.D.
RAPID Manufacturing Institute

Dr. William Grieco is the CEO of The RAPID Institute, a public-private partnership between the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Manufacturing Office and the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). RAPID, one of 14 U.S. manufacturing institutes, is a member organization focused on building the process intensification and modular process technology communities, funding and managing technology development projects in these areas, and deploying educational content to inform and strengthen the U.S. manufacturing and engineering workforce in the process industries. Prior to joining RAPID in July 2018, Grieco was Vice President of Energy and Environment at Southern Research, a nonprofit research institute based in Alabama, where he defined and implemented strategies to transform the business from one serving only the fossil energy sector to a boutique innovation testing, development, and consulting organization focused on reducing the environmental footprint of energy generation and chemicals production. Before joining Southern Research, he spent five years leading innovation and technology for Owens Corning, where he built a Front End of Innovation team and led R&D for the $3 billion Building Materials Group. He was also instrumental in winning $13 million in funding from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) SunShot program to develop and commercialize a building integrated solar photovoltaic roofing shingle for residential use.

Earlier in his career, Grieco served as Managing Director and CTO of Gardenia Ventures, an innovation commercialization and consulting firm, where he managed investment due diligence, technology strategy development, and opportunity search and selection efforts for clients ranging from private equity investors to new ventures to F500 firms. His other senior-level innovation roles focused on process development across multiple industries. These include the biofuels startup PetroAlgae, where he and his team built the first-of-a-kind intensive biomass production process to grow and convert aquatic plants to purified proteins and energy feedstocks. For the biopharmaceutical firm Alkermes, he and his team led development and commercialization of the VIVITROL® and RISPERDAL CONSTA® product lines. Grieco began his career in process technology research and development at Rohm and Haas Company, now part of DowDuPont.

Dr. Grieco has a PhD and Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.