Peter Denapoli photoPeter DeNapoli
Director of Sales
Merlin Solar Technologies

Mr. DeNapoli is currently the Director of Sales at Merlin Solar Technologies.

Prior to joining Merlin Solar Technologies, DeNapoli was Sales Manager – Mobile / Specialty Products Group for SunPower Corporation’s Light Weight, Robust, High Efficiency, Flexible Solar Modules. SunPower’s Flexible solar modules are ideally suited for the Recreational Vehicle, Marine, Trucking and EV markets.

For the majority of his 39-year career, Mr. DeNapoli has been at the forefront of the solar (PV) industry’s off-grid and grid-connected markets. After graduating from Michigan State University’s Business School, Pete started one of the first PV System Integrator companies in the U.S.A in 1980. After a successful period he joined Arco Solar in 1986 and continued with the legacy companies Siemens Solar, Shell Solar and SolarWorld for the next 28 years.

Mr. DeNapoli has contributed to several articles and makes presentations on the subject of Integrated Distributed Energy Architecture (IDEA) throughout the U.S.A. and Canada. In addition to Mr. DeNapoli being an FSEC advisory board member, he is a past President of the Florida Solar Energy Industries Association.