2023, November 9

FSEC Advisory Board Meeting

November 9, 2023
9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
In-Person Meeting with Remote Option via GoToMeeting


Time Description Speaker
9:30 a.m. Welcome Bill Grieco, Chair, FSEC Advisory Board;
Chief Innovation Officer Innventure
Introductions – Advisory Board Members Roll Call Sherri Shields, Director, Communications & Marketing, FSEC
9:40 a.m. Approval of May 10, 2023 Minutes Bill Grieco, Chair
9:45 a.m. Status of FSEC Programs
Jim Fenton, Director, FSEC
10:30 a.m. Florida Energy Office Report
Brooks Rumenik, Director, Office of Energy, FDACS
Florida Legislative Session Report Louis Rotundo, Principal, Louis Rotundo and Associates
10:45 a.m. Federal Department of Energy Update
Jay Wrobel, Supervisor of Facility Optimization, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
11:00 a.m. Break
11:15 a.m. KB Homes Sustainability, Past, Present and Future
Jacob Attalla, VP Sustainability KB Homes
11:45 a.m. HVAC in Residential Homes, Past, Present and Future
Paul Johnston, Executive Vice President Watsco, Inc.
12:15 p.m. New Business
Date and Agenda for Next AB Meeting
Bill Grieco, Chair
12:20 p.m. Adjourn for Lunch All












DRAFT Meeting Minutes


James Fenton, Director, Florida Solar Energy Center
Brooks Rumenik, Board Member –
Director, Office of Energy FDACS
Louis Rotundo, Board Member –
Principal, Louis Rotundo and Associates
Jay Wrobel*,
Supervisor of Facility Optimization, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy
Jacob Atalla, Board Member – VP Sustainability, KB Homes
Paul Johnston*, Board Member – Executive Vice President, Watsco, Inc.

Board Members
Carrie Black, Orange County Government; Brian Donnelly*, Publix Super Markets, Inc; David Dunn, City of Orlando; Bill Grieco, Innventure, LLC; Jeff Juger, Jinko Solar Inc.; Karen Kicinski*, Lifestyle Homes Builders; Justin Kramer, Orlando Utilities Commission; Kalvin Kwan, Hanson Inc.; Bruce Lindsay, Trane Technologies; Tony Norrow, Universal Orlando Resort; Dave Robau*, Gulf Coast Energy Network; Helda Rodriguez, NovaCharge, LLC; Susan Schumann*, Florida Municipal Power Agency; Jennifer Szaro, AESP; Tamara Waldmann*, Duke Energy Florida; Kristy Walson, Branch Pattern; David Winslow, Universal Orlando Resort;

Christopher Adams, Siemens Energy; Bob Aydt, Momentum Solar; Joshua Colvin*, Moss & Associates; Benajmin Cross, Nusynergy Energy; Lorraine Koss, City of Cocoa; Paul Yelvington, M2X Energy; Benjamin Yoakum, Orange County Government

FSEC, Faculty, UCF Staff
Issa Batarseh*, UCF Joint Research Faculty; Dylan Colvin, Kristopher Davis; Philip Fairey, James Fenton, Colleen Kettles, Eric Martin, Robyn McCarl, Nazim Muradov*, Bereket Niguesse*, Karthick Panchabikesan, Richard Raustad, Susan Schroen, Hubert Seigneur*, Sherri Shields, Rob Vieira, Nick Waters*, Charles Withers

* Denotes virtual attendance

Attendance Total = 47
In-Person: 34
Virtual: 13

  1. Bill Grieco called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m. He turned the meeting over to Sherri Shields to begin roll call. Board members and guests briefly introduced themselves. Two new board members were introduced, Carrie Black of Orange County Government and Linda Dubea of Florida Power and Light.
  2. Bill Grieco presented the meeting minutes from May 10, 2023. Motion to approve was given by David Winslow. Motion was seconded by Jacob Atalla. Minutes were unanimously approved by voice vote.
  3. Jim Fenton provided an Update of FSEC Programs. While renewable energy has long been the focus, a shift into sustainable energy is seen across all energy industries. Updates were provided on FSEC contracts, partnerships, and Strategic Plan key performance indicators. Jim Fenton and FSEC researchers are actively working on possible paths to net zero emissions by 2050 by studying Florida Energy Demand, Electricity Generation, current and future projected pricing of solar energy, alternative gasoline equivalents, and electricity.
  4. Brooks Rumenik, Florida Office of Energy, provided an Energy Office Report. Senate Bill 144 and House Bill 193 are in discussion which focus on state renewable energy goals. Due to the refusal of federal funds, the Florida Office of Energy is most focused on supporting rural and financially-constrained communities with existing grants, which end in September 2024. The Office of Energy is planning to organize policy round tables regarding topics such as agrovolatics, anaerobic digesters, rural county infrastructure, and general energy policy gaps. The 2024 legislative session will be held January 9, 2024 – March 8, 2024.
  5. Louis Rotundo, Louis Rotundo & Associates, provided an update on happenings in state sessions. Rotundo was disheartened to report that only one or two bills filed this year are in relation to energy. Rotundo was very complimentary of Fenton’s presentation and the industry players involved in the FSEC Advisory Board who are driving positive changes in the energy industry.
  6. Jay Wrobel, U.S. Department of Energy, shared a presentation regarding the Building Technologies Office strategy, goals, and vision for national building decarbonization. Wrobel’s office is focused on how we make energy a part of our culture with people-centered objectives using efficient and clean energy options. Federal key issues include inequities in the distribution of benefits, historically high energy bills, increased challenges in building operations, building stock, renovation costs and constraints, and insufficient electrical capacity and distribution.
  7. A 10-minute break occurred. Bill Grieco called the meeting back to order.
  8. Jacob Atalla, KB Homes, shared a presentation detailing KB Homes Sustainability Initiatives. KB Homes manufactures built-to-order homes for households in the median resale value of most real estate markets. While there are many customization options, the sustainability aspects of the home are incorporated into each KB home. Sustainable homebuilding leads to a lower cost of homeownership. In 2010, FSEC helped KB Homes certify its first net zero energy home. In today’s new construction, their homes are receiving a RESNET HERS index of 48 (2022). Their goal is to reach a RESNET HERS index score of 45 by 2025.
  9. Paul Johnston, Watsco INC., shared an update on Trends in Residential HVAC. Watsco INC. is the largest distributor of HVAC systems in the world. Like many industries, costs and pricing available to customers have risen significantly. Due to recent regulations for higher HVAC efficiency, a 2025 change in refrigerants, and the regulated reduction in refrigerant supply repair of existing HVAC systems will become more difficult and expensive and will drive consumers to having to replace systems. Other HVAC trends reference the increase in usage of multi-function heat pumps, ductless heat pumps, the downward shift in gas furnace demand, new technologies such as inverters, and contractor consolidations.
  10. To conclude the meeting, Bill Grieco discussed scheduling of the Spring 2024 meeting. A poll will be sent to Board Members to finalize the date. Bill Grieco adjourned the meeting at 12:30 P.M.