2013, February 15

FSEC Policy Advisory Board Meeting

February 15, 2013
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
CCTS Conference Room
1679 Clearlake Road, Cocoa, FL  32922-5703
Phone: 321-638-1000


Time Description Speaker
10:00 a.m. Welcome and Introductions T. Boroughs
J. Fenton
10:10 a.m. Approval of November 7, 2012 Meeting Minutes T. Boroughs
10:15 a.m. Status of FSEC Programs (RTC, SunSmart, Building America) J. Fenton
10:25 a.m. Concerns about Future Federal and State Funding of Energy Research

Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s talks about American competitiveness and revving up innovation; he states the need to invest in R&D (see timestamp 30:10 to 32:59). *4/25/2022: Video no longer available.

J. Fenton
10:40 a.m. Discussion of Federal and State Energy Policy

Report of Florida Energy Office

T. Boroughs
L. RotundoJ. Leeds
11:10 a.m. Streamlining Permitting of Solar Energy Armando Linares
11:20 a.m. Florida’s Plug-In Electric Vehicle Projections

Video: SunSmart Electric Vehicle Program

J. Fenton
11:45 a.m. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman T. Boroughs
Noon Lunch (Buffet)

1:00 p.m. Future Energy Research Opportunity Brainstorming T. Boroughs
1:30 p.m. Board Business

  • Date and Agenda for Next PAB Meeting
  • Other Board issues
T. Boroughs
J. Fenton
2:00 p.m. Adjournment

Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Paul Allen, John Anderson, Tommy Boroughs, Howard Bryant, Griff Carrison, Pete DeNapoli, Jim Fenton, Gary Freeman, Steve Gorman, Nick Guarriello, C.T. Hsu, Larry Hufford, Steve James, John Leeds, Buck Martinez, Roger Messenger, Louis Rotundo, M.J. Soileau

Invited Guests: Armando Linares, Broward County Environmental Protection & Growth Management Department; Tony Norrow, Universal Studios; Scott Williams, Sematech

FSEC Staff: Dave Click, Mary Huggins, Colleen Kettles, Ali Raissi, Bob Reedy, Susan Schleith, Sherri Shields, JoAnn Stirling, Robin Vieira, Joe Walters

  1. Jim Fenton called the meeting to order at 10:10 a.m.  Tommy Boroughs welcomes everyone and asks for introductions to be made.
  2. Minutes from the November 7, 2012 PAB meeting were passed out.  Motion for approval was made and seconded.  There was no discussion and minutes were approved unanimously.
  3. Griff Carrison suggested reading Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future by Roy H. Williams
  4. Meeting was turned over to Jim Fenton for the status on FSEC programs.  Fenton highlighted:
    • Hot-Humid Regional Test Center at UCF
    • Economic Development proposal
    • SunSmart Program – 2013 Project of Distinction Honorable Mention Award
    • EnergyWhiz interactive school data website scheduled for release at end of February
    • EnergyWhiz Olympics, May 4, 2013
    • Central Florida Clean Cities Program
    • Implementation Initiatives to Advance Alternative Fuel Markets funding award, DOE 708
    • Plug-in Electric Vehicles are out-selling more than half of all vehicle models in U.S., even more that Hybrid-Electric Vehicles.
    • Next phase of SunSmart Schools Program: SunSmart Electric Vehicle Program
  5. Concerns about future federal and state funding discussed.  Boroughs stressed FSEC need for new contracts and grants.  Fenton explained how available funding for alternative/renewable energy research has decreased.
  6. Video played from Energy Secretary Steven Chu. In summary: intellectual capital will drive innovation and R&D; STEM is crucial; Support innovative research funding models; Utility R&D (less than  one-tenth of a percent of net sales)  is lowest of any sector.  Energy industry will be a high-tech industry.  In the New Industrial Revolution, if you’re not investing 10-20% of your revenue into R&D, you will be left behind.  Ten percent of a trillion dollars is a lot of money, and we’re in the third or fourth decimal place.
  7. Suggestion made to invite someone from the Department of Energy to the next PAB meeting.
  8. Larry Hufford made suggestion to form small committee to research what to do to increase funding for FSEC.  Boroughs held up discussion of this until the afternoon session.
  9. Winston Schoenfeld is on a committee at the National Photonics Meeting in Washington, DC on Feb. 28, 2013.  He asked PAB for input on items to discuss at meeting.
  10. C.T. Hsu suggested that FSEC seek international/Taiwan investors.
  11. John Leeds reported for Florida Office of Energy.
    • Mentioned several bills that are before the Florida Legislature; HB 309, SB 522, SB 752, HB 4003, HB 579, HB 4001.
    • The Office of Energy is looking at matching funds if you are awarded a federal solicitation.
    • Their annual report will be available in a few weeks.
  12. Boroughs posed question that FSEC activities are educating school children, but how do we educate the general public.  Architects and contractors try to talk people out of solar because they don’t understand it.
  13. Boroughs reported that his company sent out to their clients a portion of President Obama’s State of the Union Address that mentioned slashing foreign oil imports, increasing US energy and focusing on renewables.  Also highlighted points about renewables, funding and confronting climate change.
  14. Hsu suggested a push to “buy American” for manufacturers.
  15. Buck Martinez said that there will be no energy policy coming out of Washington, DC in the next two years.  Discussion followed.
  16. Armando Linares gave presentation on the Department of Energy SunShot grant received by Broward County and the success their program is having.  Bringing small government together to utilize one solar permitting process website portal, which includes only one application and one fee. Goal is to expand across all counties in Florida.  Program started with Broward County and has expanded to several other counties, including Miami-Dade and Sarasota Counties.  “Go Solar” kick-off event, which was a huge success, was implemented in only two months and cost roughly $50-$60K; FPL and Siemens were major sponsors.
  17. Election of PAB chairman and vice-chairman:  Steve James and John Leeds were included in election by representing David Winslow and Patrick Sheehan, respectively, to have a forum.
    • Buck Martinez was nominated by Louis Rotundo and seconded by Roger Messenger.  Unanimous ayes to close nominations and Martinez was elected unanimously.
    • David Winslow was nominated by Louis Rotundo and seconded by Steve Gorman.  Discussion followed.  Unanimous ayes to close nominations and Winslow was elected unanimously.
  18. Meeting adjourned for lunch at 12:25.
  19. Meeting reconvened at 12:45.
  20. Fenton gave presentation on Florida Plug-In Electric Vehicle Projections and explained a proposal FSEC is working on for an Electric Transportation Vehicle Center.  Discussion followed.
  21. Discussion continued from morning session on forming small committees to look for funding opportunities for FSEC.  Board members will be contacted by email and phone calls to form these committees.
  22. Hufford asked if FSEC can find ways to sell their services.
  23. Soileau reiterated need for industry funding and to look for ways to connect with industry.
  24. Soileau thanked Boroughs for his service as Chairman of the FSEC PAB.
  25. Meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.