Transportation Capabilities

Researcher William Wilson views readouts on a Nissan Leaf EV in the lab.


Vehicle performance and emission testing are available on a closed track or chassis dynamo-meter. Specifically-designed data acquisition systems collect data for analysis by stationary or onboard systems. Learn more about the Electric Vehicle Laboratory.

Data Acquisition Systems

Design and installation of data acquisition systems for real-time, vehicle and component performance testing are available. Stationary and on-board monitoring systems can collect performance data at various speeds. Computer analysis of vehicle design and performance are available in time-series or summary format. Testing and analysis are also available for electric, hybrid, fuel cell and gaseous-fueled vehicles.

Test Parameters

Data can be collected on test parameters of: power, currents, voltages, temperatures, vehicle speed, direction, distance, vehicle attitude, acceleration (forward or lateral), pressures and flow.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Three electric vehicle charging stations are on site, along with the capacity to charge more than 50??? plug-in electric vehicles at any given time. The Electric Vehicle Laboratory has many capabilities, including:

  • evaluate wireless chargers
  • test bi-directional vehicle-to-building (V2B) inverter systems
  • evaluate distributed energy resources for improving building and utility electric grid efficiency and quality.