VIRTUAL EnergyWhiz
February 14-18, 2022

In-Person EnergyWhiz
April 30, 2022


What is EnergyWhiz?

EnergyWhiz is a renewable energy focused event for students to demonstrate their science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) capabilities through project-based learning activities. EnergyWhiz 2021 virtual competitions included:

Check back for EnergyWhiz 2022 details.

What is an EnergyWhiz Expo?

Expos are regional events of various size and scope held prior to EnergyWhiz.
In-person EnergyWhiz Expos will return in 2022.

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2021 Sponsors

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JSS cars race down the track!
Students repair vehicles between races at the fix-it tent.
Two teams prep their JSS cars for the race.

A crowd gathers around the JSS tracks.

Junior Solar Sprint

(Grades 4th – 9th, and family)

In this event, students build a model size solar electric car. Students submit their design journals, photos and a video of their car running using the Sun’s Energy. Each car is judged on technology, craftsmanship, innovation and appearance. This event challenges students to use their science, creative thinking, and teamwork skills.

More info:

Supplemental classroom/team activities to aid  team design decisions:

Solar Car kits, which include a 3V solar panel and an electric motor, can be bought from:

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2021 Junior Solar Sprint Rules


Energy Transfer Machine ETM video
A team member preps their Energy Transfer Machine for another run.
Describing how their machine transfers energy.

A complex section of a larger Energy Transfer Machine.

Energy Transfer Machine

(Grades 3rd – 12th)

Students from around the globe are challenged to transform everyday materials into a wacky, innovative machine that performs a variety of energy transfers within a specified time. The machine must accomplish a team-specified task at the one-minute mark.

Students will submit a video of their machine in action.

More Info:

2021 Energy Transfer Machine Rules

A team shows off their solar cooker.
Preparing an award winning meal.
Presentation was key to this meal’s success.

students presenting food at the EnergyWhiz Cook-Off, photo
A team goes before the judges with their finished dishes.

Solar Energy Cook-off

(Grades 4th – 12th)

In this two-part cook-off, students design and build solar thermal “ovens” to cook their tasty creations. Then, students present their solar-cooked dish to a panel of judges. Students compete for best solar cooker design, as well as a culinary award.

Students show off their knowledge and abilities in engineering and construction. Likewise, they also show their problem-solving skills.

More Info:

Student Recipe Archive:


Judging Sheet Examples:

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Read the rules

Testing out a solar powered skate board.
This team created a solar powered emergency buoy

A solar powered hydroponics farm.

Energy Innovations

(Grades 4th – 12th)

This activity requires students to work together to design a full-scale project powered by renewable energy that has a real-world use. Design awards are judged based on creativity, construction, message and marketing of the product.

More Info:


Judging Sheet Example:

Read the rules

Student using watering can to "rain" on pet house.
Students show off their cottage’s unique water catching feature.
The Happy Hoppers with their Critter Comfort Cottage on display.

A High School team accepts an award for their well made Critter Comfort Cottage.

Critter Comfort Cottage

(Grades 4th – 12th)

This event is a real-world engineering and communications challenge.  Students use green building design and construction techniques to create an energy-efficient, cost-effective, comfortable “home” for a critter. Teams must also create a marketing plan that describes the features and benefits of their comfort cottage for the critter they have selected.

More Info:


Judging Sheet Examples:

Read the rules

Electrathon cars line up for a race at EnergyWhiz, photo.
Electrathon cars line up for a race at EnergyWhiz.


(High School – Adult)

The Electrathon is a competition involving participant-designed and built electric vehicles. These go-cart-type vehicles are powered by an electric motor and batteries. Therefore, students must skillfully design and drive the vehicles in order to maximize the number of laps traveled within a specified time limit.

For more information about this event, visit:

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